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web design is all of the work done for websites created by blending ideas and needs.

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Web Design is Art


We are not just WEB DESIGN! We are also marketing experts. We are working not only on web design but also on designing an interesting and designed site to turn visitors into customers. These applications are applied regardless of your industry.


We see your site as the heart of your advertising and marketing efforts. It needs to be visually appealing and easy to navigate. In order for Google to see it to be informative and indexed by you and to appear in search results, information about it must be complete.

It is essential for marketing that everything in the corporate web design is kept at an optimum level, performance, appearance and indexability by all of the search engines.


We Make Your Website Responsive
In this dynamic world, the ability to adjust quickly ensures survival and well-being. Optimize your website for tablets and smartphones and leave the competition far behind! Uses the latest responsive design technologies to ensure that your website remains relevant in a rapidly changing, challenging environment of mobile innovations.

By using flexible grids, images and media queries, we enable your website to adjust the content and elements according to the display device. No matter which gadget your customers use, they get the same high-end service offered by your official website. Your corporate site adjusts its resolution settings according to all screen sizes and it looks perfect.


Today, more than 56% of all internet traffic comes from smartphones. Therefore, if the design of your website is not responsive, it cannot meet the needs of more than half of your target audience! User friendly. We all know how annoying it is, zooming in on everything and constantly scrolling on your mobile screen.

Responsive website design uses media queries to determine the width of the browser and adjust the content font size and place it accordingly. It increases performance. If your website takes a few minutes to load, you can say goodbye to your potential customers. A responsive design optimizes the code of the site that minimizes loading time. Google and other search engines love it.



In web design, the first question a site owner should ask is simple: does my website look like?
The best sites are made to immediately impress the visitor’s attention. If he fails to do so, the user has a very good chance of getting his own traditions so that he never returns to another place. Obviously, first impressions count for everything.



Individual traits are important. Therefore, branding possibilities with logos and images should tell a unique story of your site. Nevertheless, most internet users organize and get used to some ideas about general looks. Paying attention to a balance should be one of the most important items on the agenda and include considering the navigation features of the page.



Every decision made during the creative process should be carefully considered. After all, even the smallest size can make all the difference. Color schemes should take into account emotional connotations and how easy it is to read. In addition to looking good as a standalone item, the site should also fit the company or other resources related to personal matters.

Perhaps the most difficult task is to make the site look equally great on multiple screens. Online data can be accessed from various devices. Therefore, the strategy of any website developer should include responsive design for these reasons:

Perhaps the most difficult task is to make the site look equally great on multiple screens. Online data can be accessed from various devices. Therefore, the strategy of any website developer should include responsive design for these reasons.


Mobile users always look for information quickly and easily.
Responsive design optimizes site code, such as HTML, that keeps users in place for longer, improving load times and site speed.
Since over half of all website traffic occurs on mobile devices, Google will really lower your ranking if the site is not mobile-friendly.


Uniquely customized: a professional website designer knows how to create a site that represents your company’s unique image. Put your best foot forward: you experience fewer errors and glitches in different browsers and devices (both mobile and desktop).

Less loading time: so you can feature your best foot more easily. Your brand: A professional website design will help you build your brand. It also gives customers the right message about your company and gains their trust.


Stay ahead of the curve: the innovation of your website forces the competition to continue. You will learn the benefits of professional website design too late, you are already set up.
Basic Elements of Good Website Design Good website design will create a visual language that is consistent across all your platforms. Because quality web design means taking your ideas and turning them into a web page.

There are many different design elements you need that only a professional website design can achieve:

Remember me: All your online platforms have to create a consistent whole. Brands with a consistent message create a more memorable impression than those who don’t. All elements of your website must overlap. This applies not only to your website, but also to your social media accounts and other digital content.

Stand out: you’re not just looking for clicks; you are looking for more visitors to stay on your page. Keeping visitors interested in your page is something special, even if they are willing to buy your product or service.

Effective calls for action: these are registration, buy now, contact us and learn more parts of the site. Where they are located determines how many people you buy or will reach you. You cannot allow your potential customer to search the entire page just to reach you or buy your product. CTAs must be there to act.


Clear design: your content and design should be perfectly aligned. Things to avoid include: large blocks of text, confusing navigation, and hidden calls to action. Professional website design leads your content to people who are open and want them to do.
Small details: the right fonts, the range of texts and contrasts will improve the quality of your site, affecting its readability and functionality.

Graphics and texts to be used in web design should be in a certain order. An important goal of websites is to help users quickly find the information they are looking for at first glance.

This needs to be balanced, consistent and integrity of the design, for example, by arranging your page designs by adding content on selected or created templates, it gives your visitors the opportunity to focus on pages and help you present your web design more effectively.


Having trouble reaching you and your customers online? Poor web design can be the reason! We live in a digital age where everything can be done on the Internet. Modern users value their time. They go online to shop online and buy books, and if they can’t find your company on the Internet or have trouble finding their way on your website – you lose money.

Limon Teknoloji offers a wide range of web development services to help you put your business on the map and start profiting. Our staff consists of experts who are experienced in web and mobile application development, SEO promotion, web design, 3D rendering and creating promotional films. Your website is your online business card. Develop your brand with Limon technology to take the lead in the competition!

Corporate Web Design can increase the price without any exaggeration from our other services, and elements such as content density, lack of content (text like images), extra services, and time-consuming graphic design increase the price and this increase is kept to a minimum by us.


Regardless of which part of the business you are in web design, your first job should be to request information from our experts and wait for a short feasibility analysis to be presented to you.

Do you really know what you need? As a result of our needs analysis, we will offer you the most suitable web design for your budget.


Increase your market reliability with the most suitable web design for your real needs that give your customers confidence!


Web design and Internet sites are defined as professionally designed websites that reflect the identity of the business, use up-to-date technologies.

Today, most of the websites are made upgradeable by the site administrator. There is software called Content Management System (CMS) in the background of these sites, wordpress is the most used one among these systems. Internet sites that work with these software are also called internet sites with update panels. Although these software are the initial cost of ownership, they are preferred due to the ease, speed and cost advantage they bring in updating in the future. In addition, thanks to many add-ons following the development of technology, its functionality is at the maximum level.

Limon Teknoloji offers stable, smooth and flexible and fashionable designs to its customers with the websites developed by its own engineers and design experts. LİMONTEKNOLOJİ team for web design provides you a lot of convenience.

Limonteknology offers you the opportunity to realize your dream project with its professional design understanding and completes all your requests with care and meticulousness.


Considering the elements such as web design, visibility and availability of a website, loading speed, considering the desired functionality, it is guided by certain principles, edited and equipped with the desired contrast, to different screen sizes associated with the readability of fonts used more than picture videos and materials. It covers all the work done for a structure that can fully adapt to work in full visual and software aspects. After these processes are completed, an active website appears. After all these processes, end users can access websites over the internet with the help of a web browser, search engines’ indexing a website, marking it securely, and of course, recommending it to the top rankings in search engines should also be taken advantage of. This may be the shortest answer to the question of what is web design. So what is web design when we consider in detail? How should a good web design be? It is possible that we can briefly present it as subtitles.


The colors you will use in your web design should be both harmonious and enhanced by providing contrast. It should be preferred in pastel intermediate colors that can give the same contrast instead of just two different contrast colors. allows design.


The dimensions of the graphic logo, photographs and videos to be used in web design directly affect the opening and loading speed of your website, and should be kept in an optimum level in terms of size and quality.
It should not be too cramped in terms of ease of use, and should be compatible with the content of the web page, in a size that does not affect the opening speed of the page.


Selecting the fonts to be used in web design, instead of scrip fonts, will increase the loading speed of your website. If you wish, web fonts with a very rich library can also be preferred.


We can say that content management is the most important element in web design, design can work together to develop the message that the site will give via visual and text. To surprise their readers, it is necessary to give them what they want in order to inspire them, so users will spend more time on the site. However, constantly directing visitors and trying to keep them informed about other content gives the feeling that users are wasting time and leaves the visitor to leave your site. The use of keywords in the content is one of the indispensable parts to go up in the search engines. At the same time, the title of your content or even the subtitles of the picture you use contain keywords that make you very different from your competitors.

Creating User Friendly Web Design:

Web design: User-friendly interfaces can be easily obtained by paying attention to the factors listed below.

Internal Navigation: Web design should be constructed in a structure that allows users to quickly access what they are looking for, or content that may be of interest, that prevents users from getting lost while designing the architecture; menus and other navigation tools should be created by considering how users browse and search the website. A well-thought-out web design should contain the most ideal options for user preferences.

Multimedia: It should increase the user experience by presenting the contents with a wide variety of content in website design. It should never be forgotten that some users read some of the photos and some choose to learn from short videos created for the content.

Compatibility: It is necessary to increase the correct viewing of the web in the full sense of the web design, to get the same performance every time, to be able to work efficiently in different screen sizes and different operating systems of different devices and to offer the same performance.

Interactive: Web design should present the possibilities offered by technology accurately and effectively as an integrated system. It is possible to use the comment feature in the content for the visitors to comment, get a price quote and get the visitor to communicate quickly, get directions, start the navigation and give you an idea by rating the content.

Why Limon Teknoloji Web Design?

Web design is our main activity, it is our sole goal to win the satisfaction of our customers by doing wonders on one job rather than doing many jobs at the same time.
Many steps under web design; Both our customers and us suffer from those who introduce themselves as an agency, institution or person.
Unfortunately, many institutions and businesses have lost their time, money, and dreams to people who are uncertain about this type and in no way have achieved the desired results, and our share is to ask for solutions by many institutions that have been wiped out of milk.
Limon technology ranks every business according to its own characteristics, needs, content and status analysis. Instead of choosing from the customer by creating standard templates, it meets all the needs of our customers with its original web design based on the targets of the customer. At the same time, by adding our ready-made template library with our special designs, we will create an infrastructure that will enable our customers to reach their targets faster and we will increase our capacity and quality by increasing the content in our services by adding content through personalization on the selected template.
Transparent Business Process:
Since your first call for web design, we share with you every detail and the way to go according to your current situation.
Satisfaction Bar:
Limon Teknoloji guarantees your satisfaction in web design.
Modern Web Design:
Our designs are 100% responsive, that is, mobile compatible and we follow the trends closely.


You have an existing website but you cannot get the desired effect.
If you want a more beautiful and impressive website with a new web design.
If you want a perfect look for all device and screen sizes with a mobile compatible web design.
Switch with effects if you want a modern slider.
If you want to be interactive in your web design.
If you are using infrastructures where updating is not possible.
If you want to increase your chances of appearing on search engines.

You need a new website but if you don’t know where to start;
First of all, prepare your content to be used in the computer environment, if so, you can examine your competitors’ websites and consider what they offer and how.
1. Prepare your vision and mission articles about us in at least one paragraph.
2. Prepare a promotional letter with comprehensive keywords about your products, services or company.
3. If your products or services are large, group them by category.
4. Identify the colors to be used in your web design in accordance with your industry.
5. Identify your menu titles and prepare at least 300 words with keywords for each title.
6. Associate your social media accounts with your web design.
7. Determine your communication methods and write your information such as e-mail, phone, fax to be published.
8. If you do not have a location on Google maps, be sure to add or request it to be available.
9. Do not copy and paste from other websites.
10. Make sure that your images, such as photo video, are in high resolution, archive them according to the content to be used in a file.
11. Consider ideas for the logo. You can get help with creativity from the websites where you can create a logo.
12. When you ask for a quote, talk about the content you prepared.

You should think about how you want to have an impact on web design by writing and it should not be forgotten that the best way to get higher in search engines is directly related to long articles containing keywords supported by appropriate media. The more keywords you have, the longer your content is, and the longer your chances are.

You can trust the Limon Teknoloji team, which is an expert in all web design solutions!

If you want to learn more about how we can support you in the field of web design, do not hesitate to contact us. We can visit you or host you in our office and conduct a highly productive work together.