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SEO, Search engine optimization is the “optimization of the website”, increasing the search engine searches for the targeted keywords by making the websites suitable for the criteria of the search engines in a way that will allow the search engines to “crawl” them more easily.


Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the whole of the work done to ensure that our websites gain more visibility in search engines.

Google, Yandex Bing and Yahoo such as search engines better position on the top pages and visitors taking place at the front We can increase our numbers.

We can achieve this performance by mastering the search engine rules. Now you can continue reading our article to learn what SEO is, how it is done and its details.

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SEO operations


In order for search engines such as Google to better crawl and understand your site, some technical arrangements need to be made. The technical arrangements made within the site are called in-site seo “on-page seo”. On-site regulations; It helps search engines to scan and make sense of the site on a regular basis. search engines; When evaluating any site with its content, it considers the user experience and creates its algorithm in parallel with those experiences. The main purpose of search engines is to provide users with the results they want.


On-site SEO, all pages and categories are made to make sense to search engines in accordance with SEO. In this way, users reach the highest quality content related to their target words in search engines.

Methods such as “W3C” Validation, using the appropriate robot.txt title, resolution quality in images, domain name (domain) suitability, original content, site speed can be cited as examples of on-site SEO processes.

Dış Seo

External SEO


There are many different techniques for doing off-page SEO. The most popular ones are that the site has quality and high backlinks. A backlink is a link from one website to another. But all search engines are against manipulated backlinks. So much so that the value of the given backlink is determined by the user interaction. Backlinks that are unrelated to the content and that users who visit the content do not click on may be perceived as spam. This is because backlinks are a reference to search engines. Therefore, search engines will not accept an artificial reference. In this context, backlinks to the website must be given by real users. The realization of this is to make a quality website that is really liked by people and to publish interesting content on this website. In this way, you can get people to give backlinks to your site.

Search engines other than backlinks; It takes advantage of many signals in the web world, taking into account the user experiences, and bases its algorithms on these signals. Many factors such as activity in social media and brand awareness are areas that search engines pay attention to. Therefore, efficiency in these areas should be given importance.

Black Hat SEO

The number of people who apply black hat seo is almost non-existent because the websites that use this method are subject to very heavy penalties.We definitely do not recommend this method!

It is the process of trying to make a site stand out in a related or target keyword by manipulating the operation of the search engine with various disapproved methods. Some of the methods can be classified as follows.

  • Over-stacked keywords,
  • Robots pulling content,
  • Small articles opened for link building,
  • Duplicated repetitive content,
  • Content texts in invisible formats.
  • Copy pages.


Successful Seo Criteria

Search engines make certain preliminary evaluations when performing Seo analysis, that is, there are main elements to be considered for a successful Seo.


Domain Criteria

  • Your domain name should contain the same words as the main service or product you offer, you should have a domain that can be done without overdoing it, without making your domain name too long.
  • The longevity of your domain name is a very valuable element in order to be successful in seo, a newly purchased domain name has a lower chance of success than a long-existing domain name.


Security Certificate (SSL)

Security certificate is one of the most important elements that must be done for your website to be successful. Even if you do not see it as a necessity, it will not be what you think. Because search engines such as Google do not want to direct their visitors to unsafe websites, no matter how successful you are in other matters, for this they make you believe that you are a worthless website with algorithms and ensure you to be in the last place.

Websites that do not have an SSL certificate are also blocked by the Firewall devices owned by the institutions, since they also cause vulnerabilities in network security in many institutions.

As a result, when you think about it, a website that gives a security warning will also give the visitor a feeling of insecurity.


Server – Hosting Criteria

The performance of the environment in which you host your website is also very, very important in terms of speed, rem (processor), bandwidth.


If all of these are okay, you can ask a few experts to analyze your current situation with help and ideas, to present you in items what needs to be done, and to briefly guide you about the process.

The secret of success is not advertising, you should start the process as soon as possible with a meticulously prepared program.


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