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Limon Teknoloji is an affordable, full-service website design company.

If you need a website that is affordable, mobile-friendly, customizable, to attract new customers for you, promote your products and services, and share your best offers, we can help.

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 Lemon Teknoloji Professional is a new global website design firm.

Unlike other web design agencies, we don’t charge any setup fees, you choose any of our cheap templates, you send us your content and hosting login information, and after a maximum of 72 hours, your professional website is live! We ask that you categorize your content according to the menu you want to create and send it compressed, because we are focused on delivering a lot and business in a short time and at the best quality.


But don’t let the price fool you, we’ll design a beautiful, modern website for your business and you’ll always get great customer service and direct communication with your personal designer.


Your own website, only $50 for life!

Your only expense is to renew your domain and hosting before its time, you can work with any hosting company you want, your login information is required for us, we ask you to renew your hosting passwords after we are done




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Tasarim Ajansi scaled 1

Tasarım Ajansı



Kahve Dukkani

Coffee Shop

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Farmers Market

Yoga Studyosu

Yoga Studio

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Travel Agency

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Metin Yazari

Copy Writer

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Web Ajansi

Web Agency

Ic Tasarim

Interior Design

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Payment Systems



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SEO Agency





Yazılım Pazarlama

Software Marketing

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Auto Repair




Real Estate

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Law Firm






Jewellery Shop



Seyahat Blogu

Travel Blog

İş Danışmanlık

Business Consulting

Web Design Prices


For the web design price, it is almost impossible to give a fixed price. There are many different situations due to many different reasons, and you will find all the factors that affect web design prices in this article and you will have a clear understanding of all the factors. As Limon Teknoloji, we are working hard so that you can have the cheapest web design in a very short time.


The Cheapest Web Design Firm

Limon Teknoloji, by developing a system that stuns the market, provides perfect service to all its customers from every budget and in a wide range.


So how does the cheapest website design process work?

You choose a ready-made design, the color, text, logo, contact information, map location, about us, mission, vision, quality documents, certificates and content of your services or products etc. in the design you choose. you send it to us.

After choosing from the ready-made templates we offer you and preparing your content, you need to contact us.

You send us your hosting user information via e-mail, make the payment and overnight your new website is live. In busy times, we inform you about how long it will take, even at the busiest times, we delivered any of our projects within 72 hours.

Correction/change Request: You can request revisions, revisions are made without leaving the main design template, we have to charge according to the time we will spend for more.

Slide: You can add a professional slide, but it costs a minimum of $40 and you must have photos of the same pixel and size suitable for both pc and mobile phone.

We offer you several templates for the professional slide, our expert team performs your transitions and animations. On the landing page of a website, both mobile and pc compatible slides are included, and the slide is shown with the code that fully adapts to the visitor’s screen.

Contact Form: All information and requests are sent to your desired e-mail address from the contact form on your website. The forms you see on many websites do not actually work because the visitor’s requests from the contact form do not go to the e-mail address or go incomplete in these cases. It should not be forgotten that the contact information should be sent to the relevant e-mail.


Average Cost of Building a Website

First of all, what are the requirements you have determined? If you haven’t created a clear plan yet, you can start by creating a rough draft with the help of an expert. You need to start working on your draft in more detail with the web designer. From the features you want to have on your website, user experience (UX), SEO studies, website hosting service, design, platform to use (CMS), etc. many possibilities and variations await your choice.


You can see the average prices by searching the internet for basic costs such as Donain(Domain Name), Hosting/Server(Web Hosting Provider), SSL(Security Certificate).

Apart from all these, when we consider other factors such as time and web design labor cost within the framework of the plan you have made, whether your choice of designer is the Frelancer or Company you want to work with and you choose will greatly change your cost.

Assuming that you will continue with WordPress when you use CMS, when we think that you have provided all your basic needs, the average world prices are around 600 to 15,000 dollars. The designers who charge these prices are usually those who have all the skills and are equipped. When you want to work with an Agency under the same conditions, the prices go much higher. .

Considering that a web design agency pays an expert employee between $40,000 and $150,000, it is not difficult to understand why agency prices are so high.



How is Web Design Service Priced?

Presenting the pricing options used for web design in different ways is often an advantage for those who need web design. There are two different working systems in web design as frontend and backend.

Backend provides full access to the required targeting to the desired website, such as functionality and features, and contains all the architecture needed for extra features, simply adding the requirements for the features to be assigned to a CTA button to work.


Frontend part is the usability of the website.It is related to the web site and brings the visuality to the forefront in a completely design way. However, the state-of-the-art professionalism that enables the visitors to have a much better quality experience and to benefit from the website to the fullest is defined as UI/UX.


What is UI and UX?

What is UI and UX? With the growth of the internet industry, different areas of expertise have emerged. UX and UI take their names from the initials of the English words User Experience and User Interface.



What is UI?


UI means user interface and it is aimed for experience-oriented improvements such as users to navigate the site comfortably and stay on the site for a longer period of time and access the site content more easily. When we ask what UI means, the first thing that comes to our mind is visual designs focused on user comfort.


What is UX?


UX, user experience design is more concerned with how users interact on the site rather than designing an interface. The person who imagines and designs how this interaction will be is called User Experience Designer.


Some Programs Used by UX Designers;

  •  MindManager
  • SmartDraw
  • MockPlus
  • UserTesting

There are hundreds of other applications similar to these. Programs such as Microsoft Visio, Axure RP, AppCooker, Flinto, Sketch, InVision, Optimizely, Trello, Time Doctor, Fotojet are very helpful software for UX designers.


Some Programs Used by UI Designers;

  •  Sketch
  • Adobe XD
  • Gravity Designer

Similar to these, you can choose innovative programs such as Affinity Designer, Figma, or you can use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator as more traditional designers do.


To summarize, UI design is all about interface design, while UX design deals with how to use the interface to be designed more simply, quickly and effectively.

Hourly Web Design Pricing;

In web design, flat fee refers to the total working hours until the targeted website is achieved, sometimes for a finished web design, only a short period of work is sufficient to add a new feature or offer a new function, in this case a few hours It would be much cheaper to provide what is required to work.

Also, if you have more than one project, it will help you better understand how much time each project type takes for you.

Fixed Price Web Design Fee;

Fixed-price web design, it is necessary to consider the amount and value of the effort and effort spent on the website on both sides of the website project from the point of view of the designer and the customer, at a common point.

In detail, briefly, it is necessary for both parties to present all the demands of the web design project owner clearly from the beginning, the time to be spent is analyzed by the designer and the correct pricing is provided.

Monthly Web Design Fee;

When your web design project reaches the point you want, when it is finished, the work to be done never ends, so there is always another “+” to be placed on it.

Remember, your company has a lot more ways to go after web design! Remember that SEO Search Engine Optimization will allow your company to attract much more visitors, thus allowing your business potential to grow rapidly, copywriting local and general SEO is an indispensable element for you, you can do this with the cheapest monthly agreement.


In addition, another way to increase your visitor traffic to your website is to share social media posts and content, many web design firms also offer Social Media Consulting and services.


The Cheapest Web Design Firm

Looking for the cheapest website builder to create a website that looks great on a budget? Then you have found it, the cheapest web design company we offer all possibilities at the best price.

In fact, some of the cheapest website builders charge monthly fees.Don’t fall for the design agencies that want to keep you captive for life! Viz offers you freedom, you only pay once and you can ask us to bring your website to the highest level at any time, just specify your requests and send them to us, we offer you everything clearly on this page.

When you search the Internet, many commission sites laud their websites and tools that doom you to a monthly subscription, don’t let them confuse you! Most of the time, they will discuss all the companies that offer ready-made web design tools and pretend they are comparing them, and they have already convinced you in your mind.


Why pay monthly?

We only accept monthly payments for security, maintenance, updates, revisions and SEO!


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