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Corporate Web Design

Thanks to Corporate Web Design,, your business website is one of the most powerful marketing assets you can have. When you invest in a strategic website for your company, you can make your business more visible on search engines like Google.

You can present your current or potential customers, business partners, what you do, how you can help them, your products and services in the best way, and you can be a pioneer in marketing and your industry.

Corporate web design provides you endless benefits besides a strategic website, once you plan it professionally, we will constantly add, edit and update for you , you focus completely on your work. Remember that there is always room for more to achieve more growth, more revenue.

Corporate Web Design

Corporate Web Design

Our topic in this article is Corporate Web Design and please contact us for detailed information, because our team will be honored to provide you with more and the most up-to-date information and answer your questions.

Corporate Web Design is your company’s showcase. It is engraved in the minds of the consumer with the image it creates for your company. In this respect, it is the most important work that ensures the success of your company’s advertising investments.

Limon Teknoloji Corporate Web Design makes your website perfect in every way by applying 360 versatile working principles for your business.

A corporate website is the number one tool used to build brands and shape customers’ opinions. That’s why it’s important to keep your website functional, interesting and stylish. Contact Limon Teknoloji today and see for yourself on the road to success!


Dijital İnovasyon

Kurumsal Web Dizayn İnovasyon


Digital Innovation

There are three main types of digital innovation that create growth opportunities for organizations in 2022:

  • Building on traditional business models and processes
  • Improving an organization’s current business model and processes
  • Creating entirely new business models and processes

Digital innovation has become imperative to sustain healthy businesses and achieve long-term growth. The most influential benefits of digital innovation that add value to your organization in 2022 are:

1. Innovation Provides Competitive Advantage.
2. Increases Efficiency.
3. Increases Return on Investment in Operating Expenses.

We are also marketing experts. We strive to design an engaging and designed site to convert visitors into customers, not just web design. These applications are applied regardless of your industry.



No matter what sector your business is in, your website should be perfect! We see your site as the heart of your advertising and marketing efforts. It needs to be visually appealing and easy to navigate. For Google to see it as informative and indexed by you, and to appear in search results, the information about it must be complete.

Everything in corporate web design is kept at an optimum level, performance, appearance, and indexability by all search engines are essential for marketing.



We Make Your Website Responsive, offering perfect compatibility and usability across all devices and screen sizes.
In this dynamic world, the ability to adjust quickly ensures survival and prosperity. Optimize your website for tablets and smartphones and leave the competition far behind! uses the latest responsive design technologies to ensure your website stays relevant in the fast-changing, challenging environment of mobile innovation. Using flexible grids, images and media queries, we enable your website to tailor its content and elements to the viewing device. No matter what gadget your customers use, they get the same high-end service your official website offers. According to all screen sizes, your corporate site makes the resolution settings itself and has a perfect look.



More than 56% of all internet traffic today comes from smartphones. Therefore, if your website design is not responsive, it cannot meet the needs of more than half of your target audience! User friendly. We all know how annoying it is to zoom in on everything and constantly scrolling on your mobile screen. Responsive website design uses media queries to determine the width of the browser and adjust the content font size and place accordingly. Increases performance. If your website takes a few minutes to load, you can say goodbye to your potential customers. A responsive design optimizes the site’s code which minimizes load time. Google and other search engines love it.

Kurumsal Web Dizayn 2022



The first question a site owner should ask in corporate web design is simple: Does your website look like your Institution?
The best sites are built to grab the visitor’s attention immediately. Failing that, there’s a very good chance the user will get their own custom to never return to another place. Frankly, first impressions count for everything. LİMON TECHNOLOGY, a world-class web design firm in Istanbul, can help you achieve this goal in style.

Individual characteristics are important. That’s why branding possibilities with logos and images should tell a unique story of your site. Still, most internet users are getting used to some ideas about layouts and overviews. Maintaining a balance should be one of the most important items on the agenda and should include considering the navigation characteristics of the page.

Every decision made in the creative process should be carefully considered. After all, even the smallest size can make all the difference. Color schemes should take into account emotional connotations and how easy they are to read. In addition to looking good as a standalone item, the site should also fit in with other resources connected to the company or personal matters. Perhaps the hardest job is to make the site look equally great on multiple screens. Online data can be accessed from a variety of devices. Therefore, any website developer’s strategy should include responsive design for these reasons:

Perhaps the hardest job is to make the site look equally great on multiple screens. Online data can be accessed from a variety of devices. Therefore, any website developer’s strategy should include responsive design for these reasons:

Mobile users are always looking for information quickly and easily.
Responsive design optimizes site code such as HTML, which keeps users on site longer, improving load times and site speed.

Since more than half of all website traffic comes from mobile devices, if the site is not mobile-friendly, it will really lower your Google rankings.



Having trouble reaching your customers and your customers reaching you online? Poor web design could be the reason! We live in a digital age where anything can be done online. Modern users value their time. They go online to shop and buy books and if they can’t find your company on the Internet or have trouble finding their way around your website – you’re losing money.

Limon Teknoloji offers a wide range of web development services to help you put your business on the map and start making a profit. Our staff consists of experienced experts in web and mobile application development, SEO promotion, web design, 3D rendering and creating promotional films. Your website is your online business card. Develop your brand with Limon technology to stay ahead of the competition!

Corporate Web Dizayn’s price may increase without exaggeration from our other services, and factors such as content density, lack of content (data such as text and images), extra services, and time-consuming graphic design increase the price and this increase is kept to a minimum by us.



We consider multiple factors when pricing your web project. The goals you want to achieve with your website may be different; I want to sell products, I want to promote my brand as a corporate, I have a website, I need a contact number, I will earn money with digital marketing. Different website prices come out according to different requests.

Factors that determine website prices:

  • The number of pages of your website,
  • Foreign languages ​​to be used on your website,
  • Design features you want on your website,
  • Whether the content will be created by you or by us,
  • Whether to create a keyword-targeted strategy,
  • Whether your website will be managed via the panel,

After these criteria are determined by you, we can inform you about the price of your website.

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No matter what part of the business you are in corporate web design, your first job should be to request information from our experts and it would be best to wait for a short post-feasibility analysis to be presented to you.

Do you really know what you need? As a result of our needs analysis, we will offer you the most suitable web design for your budget.



Increase your market credibility with the most suitable web design for your real needs that gives confidence to your customers.

Corporate websites are defined as professionally designed websites that reflect the identity of your business, use up-to-date technologies.

Today, most of the corporate websites are updated by the site administrator. There are software called Content Management System (CMS) in the background of these sites, wordpress is the most used of these systems. Websites working with these software are also called as update panel websites. Although these softwares have initial cost of ownership, they are preferred due to the convenience, speed and cost advantage they bring in updating in the future. In addition, following the development of technology, its functionality is at the maximum level thanks to many add-ons.

Limon Teknoloji offers stable, trouble-free and flexible and trendy designs to its customers with its websites developed by its own engineers and design experts. LİMONTEKNOLOJİ team provides you a lot of convenience for corporate web design.

Limon Teknoloji, with its professional design approach, offers you the opportunity to realize your dream project and completes all your wishes with care and diligence.



Most of today’s websites are designed by programmers, company IT departments, or inexperienced web designers using template-based CMS, without considering conceptual design, uniqueness, and quality user experience (UX).

LIMON TECHNOLOGY design team will give you an edge over your competitors with a unique design that provides a powerful and convenient user experience.
It places your corporate website above others in your industry because your website is created by a team of experienced design, branding and marketing experts. will be designed.

Our Team Provides Experience
Separate design, usability, internet marketing, internet technology and programming teams.

Limon Teknoloji’s design team has experience in branding, marketing, advertising, motion graphics, user interface design (UI), usability and user experience (UX).
We will design and deliver for your audience.
If you want, our company will research your competitors and give you a unique competitive advantage.
Focus of Our Company
Your Image and Brand will help you improve your image and brand on the web.

Unique and Impressive Corporate Web Design
We offer outstanding and catchy designs for your institution.

Clean and Well-Ordered – Clean and well-organized sites are both helpful and inviting.
Optimal User Experience – Your customers will easily find your products and services and will be more inspired to take a positive action.


Designed for Audience – When designs are tailored to fit a specific audience, you will see more positive results.
Conceptual Design – Every marketing element on your website will have a purpose and message.
Engaging – Limontechnology designers capture users
Research – Limontechnology researches your competitors and uses the results to deliver the best user experience to your audience, keeping you ahead of the curve and new trends.

Latest and Greatest – Limontechnology stays ahead of the curve, is aware of new trends and knows when to use them to the customer’s advantage and when to break through the fleeting buzz.

Limontechnology believes in providing exceptional value with exceptional quality.

Our strength is based on strong partnerships, honesty and integrity, expert skill levels, good communication, solid teamwork, and providing the best possible value for every client.

Our strategic focus is to exceed and exceed the client’s expectations in all engagements.

Corporate Site Design


Your company’s showcase in the digital world is your website. If your corporate web design is effective and interesting, the recycling rate will be higher and your probability of success is directly proportional to corporate web design. When you want to have corporate web design for your company, you should know that you need support from a professional company.

Corporate web design should be studied by considering all the details, since it will be offered directly to the audience that a business or institution provides services to, and to reach all alternative markets by effectively portraying your company 100% and presenting your company, services and products correctly together with your corporate identity. should be provided.

When it is desired to have a Corporate Web Site Design done for a company, the corporate colors, corporate identity, corporate font, corporate logo, vision, services, products and activities of that institution should be handled in a very compatible way and the corporate website design should be taken into consideration by considering these factors. should be designed within the framework of an in-depth plan.

Corporate web design should not be seen as a short-term service, it should always be open to development as “+1“. You have to pull the rope with updates such as constant additions and corrections, which are far from the understanding of what I have done. Think of giant digital companies, just as they continue to develop for more every day, you should do the same.

How should Corporate Web Design be?


No matter the size of your company, the main goal starts with reaching larger audiences! For example, imagine that you have a shop, no matter how beautifully the interior of your shop is designed, if you cannot increase the number of visitors to your shop, your interior design will not have a positive effect on you, so You must take into consideration the SEO service. p >

Sometimes, how corporate a company is can be easily seen on the website, but don’t let this fool you, because even the smallest businesses understand the importance of Corporate Web Design, even if they are just at the beginning of their journey as a company, they are more active on the Internet than mega companies. are located.

Institutions or organizations that do not pay enough attention to website design cause a negative perception by visitors to their websites. Companies that emphasize institutionalism are much ahead in the following main headings;

  • Marketing

The most cost-effective tool that promotes you and your products 24/7, away from advertisements or physical contact, is Corporate Web Design.

  • Capacity

You can transfer all your energy to the operation of your company with the right focus, both for opening up to new markets, increasing production and services, and investing in quality. In this way, you can increase your capacity at the desired level and realize your right investments and growth targets.

  • Branding

Thanks to your digital identity, your brand awareness increases in direct proportion, Corporate Web Design offers you the key to success, thanks to Seo, your audience access rate will increase greatly and you will gain a stronger place as a brand.

  • Growth

Sometimes businesses make great efforts to reach this growth target by setting a growth target, sometimes businesses may prefer to focus on R&D studies by developing high value-added products, whichever plan you want to work, Corporate Web Design will help you achieve all the goals you want and help you achieve the goals you want. It offers you the growth in the direction.

  • Finance

Many companies that have difficulties in cash flow have increased their business potential thanks to their active power on the Internet, and have gained financial strength by signing larger agreements with more stable companies by getting rid of the problems they experience in collection from commercial ties with a few customers.

  • Competition

Be the imitator, not the imitator! Corporate Web Design does not bring as much financial burden as it is thought, and it also helps you to increase your competitive power in the market to a great extent. Unlike companies in the same lane as you, you will save a lot of costs and save time.

  • Secure

Other companies that do business with you and may want to do business with you come to your website, they also search for you from many sources, just like corporate web design, always try to do your job in the best way, all positive or negative situations depend on you.


Although Corporate Web Design gives your visitors confidence, remember that the Internet is a free world.


Priorities for Corporate Web Design


Mobile Compatible Responsive Web Design

Since mobile phones have become a necessity in our lives, it is an unchanging reality that corporate websites have to offer the same user experience to their visitors on all devices. Devices with different screen sizes such as tablets, computers, laptops, mobile phones, desktop computers, televisions now offer the opportunity to browse websites on the Internet, so mobile compatible web design comes first.


Corporate Identity and Unique Web Design

Elements such as company-specific colors, font, and page layout are planned and created in accordance with your Corporate Identity at the design stage. Both the target audience and the content they want to highlight are different between an industrial company and a digital sales company. We fully understand your needs, create a roadmap in line with your goals, and create a website that can fully express you.


Manageable Website

Your website is delivered to you with an easy-to-use control panel. You can easily perform operations such as updating your pages, entering news / content, adding and deleting images, creating categories, adding products through the control panel. In addition, we train your staff who will create a blog where you can get more natural visitors rather than paid advertisements and add content there constantly.

Keeping your content up to date is an effective SEO (search engine optimization) tactic.


Search Engine Optimization

With corporate web design, we design your websites in accordance with search engine guidelines (SEO). Thus, with the right digital marketing strategies, you can target higher ranks in search engines such as Google, Yandex, Bing and the keywords you specify. We enable you to pass the certain process in the most accurate way in order to stand out with certain keywords on your corporate website.


Why should you choose Corporate Web Design service?

We do not present it to you in bullet points because there is only one reason under all answers to this question “SUCCESS“.

If you are still investigating your shortcomings in the digital world and have concerns about why your company is successful, contact us now!


We would like to inform you more about Corporate Web Design, you should contact us for this.

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