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In accordance with the trends of our age, we ensure that you can use the power of the Internet in the best way and benefit from all the possibilities to the fullest.

Since .. 2021

Our company has been serving our valued customers in other sectors as a family company for about 2 generations, we have proven ourselves in the field of e-commerce and software by making a big investment in the digital world 3 years ago, we will continue to grow day by day by adding web design and e-commerce software to our service services, especially You will start to know us much more about SEO, you will witness for yourself that we are very good at SEO.


Web Design

UX / Uİ Web Design Services



Opencard, Woocommerce & CMS



SEO, availability is now a necessity.

%100 Responsive

Why Limon Teknoloji Web Design?

Fast and Quality

When you convey all your needs to us correctly at the beginning, we quickly implement the necessary processes.

Reasonable price

You will not find exorbitant prices with us, we are honored to offer you every job at a certain standard and at the best price.

Happy Team

Maybe you will reach the solution you want with us without ever seeing us, but a professional and expert team that understands you very well is there for you.

7/24 Support

There is no time in the internet world, we are always at work for emergencies, who knows, if you encounter a mail problem or maybe an unexpected hosting crash, do not be afraid, we are always with you.

Strong Infrastructure

The platforms we use in the services we offer are used by billions of gigantic companies, and we are a close follower of updates and infrastructure developments.

Free Consultation

Do not hesitate to call us if you want expert advice at your point, you don’t have to give us a job, but knowing that you know what you need to be able to make you smile, we are always your partner..