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Make a difference by taking advantage of our Social Media Marketing services, whether it is an account setup from scratch, creating standard interaction, getting likes or increasing your number of followers. In short, whatever your purpose is; You can increase your brand awareness, attract traffic to your website, increase your sales, and you can start to see many more benefits in a short time.


Social MarketingIt is the whole process of influencing people massively and by doing certain studies by considering the behavioral subconscious and the impulse to provide social benefit in interaction. The maximization of certain impulses of the masses as a common denominator, and the social interaction that sets them in motion with the aim of common benefit, can have great effects.

It is a model that voluntarily covers the majority of the society, protects the administrative interests such as the approval, rejection, and change of certain elements, and ensures that the goals are achieved with the domino effect.


Social Marketing
Trade Marketing

Although social and commercial marketing may seem like two separate segments, in fact, both are almost like a set that includes both. As a result of the widespread use of the Internet, commercial marketing now carries out most of its transactions through social marketing.

  • When the necessary work for marketing is done; The product is put on the market by the manufacturer and the marketer, and it is much more effective innovatively to present it tactically in a way that includes the benefit of society.
  • While commercial marketing provides financial benefit to the producer and marketer, when it is evaluated as social marketing, it indicates that a moral contribution is provided to people.
  • Money relation: companies that have proven themselves and have achieved large turnovers sometimes consider alternative utility models that provide free social benefits instead of advertising expenses, giving up the profit motive and causing an emotional perception.
  • Theoretically, commercial marketing and social marketing are on the same basis, since the returns are the same, both are highly technologically efficient.
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What are the Priorities for Social Media Marketing?


We have created a few sub-headings to present you as a summary, if you are reading this article, you probably have a good grasp on the subject, but the plan is everything, it offers you a full activity on how you should create this plan or how you should review your current situation.

  • Do target situation analysis, where should you be, where are you now?
  • Select the channels you want to use and see the usage rates of these channels according to the country you are in.
  • Plan your budget well, no one has a magic wand, increase your budget over time according to the funnel.
  • Choose your content sharing frequency. As each country has its own special days, don’t skip the world days besides different beliefs or national victory days.
  • Let your posts be of high quality and with a logo, sometimes it’s good to keep the logo small on special days, so don’t forget that your share rates will increase.

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