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Although WordPress was developed as a GPL-licensed personal publishing system written using PHP and MySQL, it continues to get stronger day by day as billions of institutions, companies and shopping sites. It is considered the official continuation of the B2/cafelog project. WordPress is a CMS. CMS briefly refers to a manageable and expandable software infrastructure.

What is WordPress?

WordPress It can be called the most popular website builder in the world. This is the slogan of WordPress right now and it is absolutely true.

Since the platform software, which initially served as a blog, was open source, it continued to be developed by millions of coders, and the rapidly growing platform gained functionality and manageability over time. Due to the increase in the use of mobile phones, it has succeeded in meeting all needs by making itself mobile compatible.

With the numerous plugins and themes that may be needed, a website can be created very quickly. Even now, some of the most read newspapers in the world still continue to use the wordpress infrastructure.

Today, there are wordpress themes that allow many visual design, although many of its features are paid, most of the themes that allow visual design allow you to use it at a level that can meet all your needs.

Building a website with WordPress is possible after a long period of research and development, where you will need complete expertise and experience.

Some parts may require you to be familiar with HTML / CSS coding and mysql database.



First of all, if your need is a website, you should have the following;

  • Domain Name

Domain name refers to your address on the Internet, just like a city name or country name, it is possible with a domain (domain name) to provide a name so that they can reach the website where you will meet your visitors online.

When purchasing a domain name, it should be as short as possible and evoke you (your company or your brand) as much as possible. Avoid using separators such as hyphen(-) if possible, you will see the benefit of this in search engines later.


  • Hosting / Server

It will be in your best interest to plan your website in a way that can meet all your needs by a team of experts. With a corporate web design, you will need a hosting or server that can easily respond to a certain level by your daily audience. Low traffic, low ram, and tight bandwidth can often prevent your website from loading properly, leaving your visitors frustrated. Especially if you are setting up an e-commerce website, other services that will return in the background will put a lot of load on your hosting.

If you need search engine optimization (SEO), you should definitely buy a hosting package such as Otobam with wide bandwidth and high processing capacity.

Hosting or server is an area connected to the Internet 24/7, where all the files required for your website, the database, the necessary instructions are configured and your e-mails work.


  • Professional Web Design Agency

Sometimes most of us try to cut our own belly but this; it causes unnecessary costs, heavy costs and a lot of time loss. When choosing Professional Web Design Agency you should clearly define your wishes and You should choose an agency that can fully respond to your demands.

Dış Seo


WordPress is a very powerful publishing platform, it comes with powerful libraries that increase the user experience. It has a free distribution, fast, lightweight, customizable and expandable structure.


Users or developers depending on their coding skills; themes, plugins or 3rd party software can be integrated, developed and offered for sale.


WordPress has a very good and wide forum and developer network, with a huge documentation, developers can easily access the topics they want, get help or resources from other users, and make use of existing resources as they wish.


Beyond standard websites, wordpress already has a forum structure, but buddypress, the woocommerce social platform developed for e-commerce, will also provide you with a lot of benefits for your search engine optimization.

WordPress Theme

WordPress themes are ready-made designs / dressings that wordpress users can use for their sites. For WordPress, not only the functional system of WordPress, but also themes are developed. Therefore, there are thousands of free wordpress themes offered to the user in the infrastructure of wordpress. Of course, this theme production is not only done by the developers of wordpress, but also outsourced, and these productions are usually offered to the user for a fee.

Themes allow users to change the look and functionality of a WordPress website and can be installed without changing the content of the site. Every WordPress website must have at least one theme and each theme must be designed using WordPress standards with structured PHP, HTML and Style Sheets (CSS).

Themes can be uploaded directly from the WordPress “Appearance” tab in the wordpress admin panel, using the upload tool or via FTP. The PHP, HTML and CSS code in the themes can be edited or added further to provide more advanced features.

WordPress themes are broadly classified into two categories, free themes and paid themes. All free themes are listed in the WordPress theme directory, and paid themes can be purchased from individual WordPress developers from many theme software companies or online marketplaces.

WordPress users can create and develop their own custom themes if they have the knowledge and skills to do so. WordPress users, if they do not have enough theme development knowledge, can download free or paid WordPress themes and use them with almost no coding knowledge.


WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins are software plugins specially designed according to the wordpress hierarchy that help make the website much more functional. The most used plugins can be counted as follows:


  • Contact forms
  • Visual design tools
  • Security plugins
  • Seo – Search engine optimization
  • Analysis Plugins

We build most of our web designs on wordpress, you can rely on our expert team.

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