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Like the phrase “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, effective web design is evaluated by website users and website owners. There are many factors that affect the usability of a website, and it’s not just how good it looks, it’s also functionality and easy to use.”

What is web design?

We have prepared this article to give you enlightening information about “Web Design“. With Limon Teknoloji, you are always one step ahead in web design.

You may never have a second chance to make a first impression, professional web design is the number one tool used to sell products, provide services, become known by creating a brand and shape the opinions of customers. Corporate or not, you should consider web design service as all the work done by a professional team, because if you want to give confidence, your web design should be compatible with you.

Briefly, web design; It is the whole of the work done for websites that are created by blending ideas and needs.

First Step to Web Design

Web Tasarım 2022

Web design, a website’s visibility and availability should be considered, and factors such as loading speed should be considered.

It should fully adapt to different screen sizes related to the readability of the fonts used more than pictures, videos and materials, where it is guided by certain principles by adding the desired functionality, arranged and equipped with the desired contrast to the desired extent.

It covers all of the work done for a building to work in full harmony, both visually and in terms of software.

After these processes are completed, an active website appears. After all these processes, end users can access websites over the internet with the help of a web browser, the indexing of a website by search engines, marking it as safe and of course recommending a website to the top of search engines provide additional advantages for websites, but these processes should be handled separately. This may be the shortest answer we can give to the question of what is web design.

So, what is web design when we consider it in detail? How should a good web design be? It is possible that we can briefly present it under sub-headings.

Color Matching in Web Design

The attractiveness of the colors you will use in your web design should be increased by providing both harmony and contrast, pastel intermediate colors that can give the same contrast should be preferred instead of only two different contrasting colors. provides site design.

Color Graphics Study in Web Design

Web Tasarım 2022
The dimensions of the graphics, logos, photos and videos that will be used in web design directly affect the opening and loading speed of your website and should be kept at the optimum level in size and quality. In addition, the sub-titles of the affected images should be emphasized in terms of SEO.

It should not be too cramped in terms of ease of use, it should be compatible with the content of the web page, in a size that will not affect the opening speed of the page.


The most important of the main elements of a successful web design is to use the right color combinations suitable for the website and its content.

The use of color in web design is very important to provide a good user experience to visitors and to convey the message correctly. For this reason, web designers are also working on various methods to use colors in the most effective way in their work.

Font Selection in Web Design

The attractiveness of the colors you will use in your web design should be increased by providing both harmony and contrast, pastel intermediate colors that can give the same contrast should be preferred instead of only two different contrasting colors. provides site design.

Web Tasarımda Font Seçimi
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Content in Web Design

We can say that content management is the most important element in web design, design can work together to improve the message of the site through visual and text. In order to surprise the readers and arouse their enthusiasm, it is necessary to give them what they want, in this way, users will spend more time on the site. However, constantly directing visitors and trying to inform them of other content by force makes users feel like they are wasting time and cause the visitor to leave your site. Whatever the title is, the content should be, and people should be able to reach the content they want without getting bored. The use of keywords in the content is one of the sine qua non to rank up in the search engines, at the same time the title of your content or even the subheadings of the image you use include keywords, which makes you stand out from your competitors in this regard.

User Friendly Web Design

Kullanıcı Dostu Web Tasarım

Web design, user-friendly interfaces can be easily achieved by paying attention to the factors listed below;


Internal Navigation:

Web design should be built in a structure that prevents users from getting lost in the site while designing the architecture, allowing them to quickly reach what they are looking for or content that may be of interest; menus and other navigation tools should be created taking into account how users browse and search the website. A well-thought-out web design should contain the most ideal options for user preferences.


In the website design, the content should be presented with a rich variety and increase the user experience. It should never be forgotten that some users choose the way to get information from the short videos created for the content, some by reading some of the photos.



Web design needs to increase the correct display of the page, to get the same performance every time, to be able to work fully efficiently on different screen sizes and different operating systems of different devices and to offer the same performance.



Web design should present the possibilities offered by technology as an integrated system in an accurate and effective manner. It is possible to use the comment feature in the content so that the visitors can comment, to get a price quote and to communicate quickly to the visitor, to get directions, to start navigation and to offer you ideas by rating the content.



Why Is Web Design So Important For Your Business?

First of all, let’s start with the question of what is a website again!

In simple terms, a website is a single domain consisting of different web pages that can be accessed 24/7, with endless possibilities such as products, services and promotions. You should know that you can address better. For example, a business may be in more than one sector at the same time, for example, a business on metal may be in the energy sector rather than by-products, or in these cases such as the sale and manufacture of both food and packaging products, you should definitely use original web design. We will talk about web design, original web design, mobile compatible website later on.


While our age is the age of technology, the age of the Internet, the age of information, it is surprising to know how many businesses still do not have an Internet access. Now we are close to meeting with web 4.0 technology, applications and websites that are suitable for the analysis developed in line with technological possibilities and that include users in the system by directly interacting with the users, and that can also enable social accounts to communicate with each other, for example, that can notify you when you approach the location of the restaurant you last visited, and receive comments. is embedded in our lives.


If you are a business owner and you still do not have access to the Internet, that is, a “original website”, continue reading our article to see the opportunities you missed!


Don’t Limit Yourself About Web Design!


A business owner’s top priority is to reach their target audience in the easiest, cheapest way and, if possible, directly!


Advertising and marketing strategies are developed on this logic. Maybe ten years ago, when you started a business, the high advertising fees you would pay for flyers, brochures, television, newspapers and magazines were important expense items for your business. Moreover, the money you spend to reach countless people who are not interested in the subject, as well as your target audience, will gradually be included in this!.


However, in today’s digitalized world, it is only possible for you to reach your potential customers, ie your target audience, who are interested in the subject and who are searching for your field, exactly when they need it, that is, when they are searching the Internet!


Right place, right time!


As a business owner, you need to know where your target audience is. But what if consumers or your target audience are unaware of you, they are looking for what you have to offer but can’t reach you? This is one of the risks you take for your business simply by not having a website, and unfortunately every customer who can’t find you is a missed business opportunity!


Other benefits of having a website for your business!







Advertisement: You can promote your company on your website in the best, continuous and cheapest way!


Commercial Contribution: You can find new customers, increase your market share, and exist in new markets.


Cost: There are countless calculated and uncalculated expenses and surprise expenses faced by a business from lighting, cleaning, personnel expenses to security. With your website, it is possible to manage your business remotely and control all these costs. Lights left on, warehouses neglected, or even the waste you can save in your business!


A strategically developed website and online presence solution provides tremendous benefits and cost-setting lines.


For example: With only one website, your needs such as continuous catalog design, printing and transportation, and most importantly, it eliminates the waste of paper. Instead of paying astronomical fees for expensive, color-printed magazines and catalogues, most of which will go to waste in the hands of unrelated people, a website that you can constantly update and instantly inform your target audience and followers is more effective as well as being economical!


Reliability: By establishing a website, you give people the opportunity to tell you why your potential customers trust you and your business, to support these opportunities, but above all to tell and introduce the real you! Your target audience, your customers, their ability to stay in constant contact with you, and their ability to see you as accessible will maximize your credibility, which is a must for a business!.


As a reality of our age, most people search the Internet for the reliability of the company that provides a product or service before purchasing. When you offer a good service or product, it is quite possible to expect positive information and satisfaction about your business to spread by word of mouth. People generally tend to trust a business after doing business. However, by using your website, you can continually serve online consumers.