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Wouldn’t you like to be in the E-Commerce market, which exceeds 10 trillion dollars and is growing day by day?

This figure corresponds to 5 times the B2C ecommerce. Although the rate of online retail sales in total retail sales in developed countries is 13 percent, it is growing like an avalanche with the domino effect. Selling your products in your own store will give you freedom and you will not be left behind because of the unfair competition algorithms of the marketplaces.

Also, it’s time to start off with your own brand, rather than platforms whose commission rates are changing every day!



E-Commerce, we will first provide you with some data, as follows;

  • In 2021, approximately 2.15 million digital receivers were purchased.
  • More than 27% of the world’s population has experienced e-commerce.
  • The share of global retail sales in e-commerce; It is expected to reach 20% by 2023.
  • Limon Teknoloji E-commerce offers you the most accurate planning and the most ideal store.
  • You will gain many advantages when the right strategy is applied in e-commerce according to your budget.

Did you know that surveys rank the majority of online shopping as their #1 reason for free shipping?




Electronic commerce or in short e-commerce is the name given to commerce, which emerged with the increase in the use of the Internet after 1995. It is the concept of doing it in electronic environment.

It is the production, promotion, sales, insurance, distribution and payment transactions of goods and services over computer networks. Electronic commerce consists of three stages: advertising and market research, order and payment, and delivery through the realization of one or all of the commercial transactions in electronic environment.

Electronic commerce has emerged as a part of the technological developments that took place after the 2000s and facilitated information communication, along with the trend of liberalization of trade all over the world. Organizations that add Internet opportunities to their traditional marketing methods have begun to get the chance to go beyond just selling to a certain audience and to establish global e-commerce connections that increase productivity and creativity. In the past, many companies were trying to reach their potential customers by using tools such as television, newspaper and radio, but today, online advertising has been added to these.

The tools of electronic commerce are all kinds of technological products such as telephone, fax, computer, electronic payment and money transfer systems, electronic data interchange systems (EDI), Internet, which facilitate the commercial transactions of those who trade with each other. EDI is an important tool of electronic commerce as a system that enables the exchange of documents and information between two trading organizations via computer networks without human factor. Since the new Internet technologies, which are accepted as the most effective tools in terms of electronic commerce, transmit audio, video and written text at the same time, faster and more securely, the cost of these transactions over the Internet is considerably lower than other tools.

In the past, electronic commerce applications, which were carried out over closed computer networks to some extent, are secure but costly systems. Today, the internet, which is an open computer network, is a much more suitable infrastructure for electronic commerce. Through the Internet, the advantages of globalized networks are now being utilized by moving from a closed structure to an open structure. This enables especially SMEs (Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises) to take a greater place in world trade. Electronic commerce is a very convenient form of commerce, especially for SMEs. Electronic commerce provides an increase in product options, an increase in the quality of products and a faster payment and delivery. It allows potential consumers to have information about the products offered to the market all over the world and allows new manufacturers to enter the world markets. The entry of lower priced and quality products into the market causes an increase in competition among manufacturers and a decrease in the cost of all commercial transactions.

Electronic commerce will be beneficial to the extent that it saves producers and consumers, especially SMEs, from the disadvantages of traditional trade barriers such as distance from the market, lack of information and inability to produce according to demand. However, electronic commerce cannot solve all trade problems of countries (for example, links in the national supply chain). Countries that do not have sufficient knowledge and experience in electronic commerce may use the internet only for advertising or market research purposes at the first stage.

Among the factors that make e-commerce so popular are; e-commerce provides a direct relationship between the company and its target audience, provides the information they want to marketers, is fast and low-cost, and all these are done in electronic environment. Other positive factors include convenience and cheapness in distribution, more comfortable interaction with the consumer, instant response, attention, meeting the global market, 24-hour service and instant sales.

The branding process, which takes an average of 10 years under normal conditions, has been reduced to 2 years thanks to electronic commerce. Today, there are dozens of e-companies established a few years ago on the list of “The 500 largest companies in the world”.

With its global impact, the Internet economy affects both trade and politics. Business leaders around the world recognize the role the internet plays in their companies’ ability to survive and compete. The need for companies to benefit from the power of the internet has emerged in order to compete in this new economy.


SOURCE : wikipedia


Why Should You Have Your Own E-Commerce Store?

No matter the size of your business, if you are involved in commerce, if you offer products or services, you should definitely own a store where you can make your own online sales 24/7.

An e-commerce site offers you;


  • Create 24/7 Sales Opportunity
  • Increases your brand awareness
  • You become a trusted company
  • You can develop marketing tactics
  • Ad-free sales thanks to search engines
  • Planning & Analysis capability
  • Competition
  • Statistical data
  • Measurable and predictable demand and market research

E-Commerce Theme

As Limon Teknoloji, we offer E-Commerce platforms that can adapt to businesses of all sizes, our focus is on helping you make the right choice by using Opencart and Woocommerce CMS systems, where you can achieve maximum efficiency with minimum cost.

We offer the most suitable for you among the customizable and developable cms systems with our own designs, you can proceed with a ready-made design from these platforms we offer you, if you wish, you can request development.

As the development of an e-commerce platform from scratch requires a very large cost, as the first step, an e-commerce site running on wordpress is recommended for companies with less product range, the biggest advantage of this is that you can make a big difference in your sales with search engine optimization (SEO). .

We offer our Opencart e-commerce packages to companies that have a more professional design and have a high number of products and high product categories. When we use opencart, we explain to all our customers that they generally prefer servers, otherwise they will not get the efficiency they want.


In summary, woocommerce costs less but is functional, while opencart is in a top tab, it puts more burden on your business in the background, but when you consider the returns, you can be sure that both are cut out for you.


E-Commerce in Retail

The retail industry has to be fast and coordinate different sales channels in order to respond to changing consumer demands in a timely and accurate manner. For this reason, investments in information technologies and necessary infrastructure are of vital importance. Although it is seen as a threat, it will not result in the complete disappearance of physical stores. On the contrary, it will strengthen loyalty to the brand with a unique customer experience and make a positive contribution to the purchases made from physical stores.


We build most of our e-commerce stores on WordPress and Opencart, you can rely on our expert team.

Limon Teknoloji “WORDPRESS & OPENCART” Specialist